Nutella Strawberry Tart

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Who doesn’t LOVE Nutella!?

This was my first attempt at making a tart, crust and all, the works. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The texture of the Nutella filling was sort of pudding like but was still delicious anyway. In my opinion, it was even tastier after it set for a day! Recipe here.




Banana + Nutella


Time has been so hard to come by lately, I have had to put so many things aside. Friends, bake time, me time. Well most of the time me time is bake time so the two really go together. I can’t wait to end my internship only because working 9 hours a day and then having to come home to school work after is not only exhausting but a whole load of depressing as well.

Moving on to the cake above –

A friend posted a picture of a Banana Nutella Loaf on instagram recently and I just had to try it. I used Nigella’s Banana Loaf recipe and added in  some Nutella on the top. Having a piece warm out of the oven was enough to make the load I was dragging behind me from the weeks past disappear.

The top was  a little overcooked and more brown than I wanted, but once I bit down to the middle I was glad and a little relieved. Can’t wait for the mother to get home so that she can try a piece.

I’m out. Have a great week ahead everyone! xx

Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Decided to bake Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies to celebrate World Nutella Day yesterday! Oh Nutella, you truly make the world a happier and yummier place. I went through a couple of recipes online before finally settling on one and the cookies turned out great. Too yummy and so easy to make! The recipe only required four ingredients, flour, egg, chocolate chips and of course Nutella. I was a little skeptical at first “What!? No sugar!?!”, but I decided to trust that all that Nutella would be sweet enough and it was. Just writing about it is making me want to walk down to my kitchen and grab the whole tin.

Recipe here! 

Enjoy xx