Green Tea Cupcake Anybody?


I’ve been away a really long while and in this time i’ve done a little baking. I even baked my own birthday cake on my birthday, my friends and family thought that that was both weird and sad, but really to me it was another reason to bake! I’ve been experimenting abit and will eventually upload pictures of what i’ve been up to, but in the mean time here’s what I ┬ábaked a couple of days ago!

Green tea cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Ok honestly, i am NOT a fan or green tea in food, green tea drinks, ok fill me up, but green tea in food? I’ll pass. So why bake green tea cupcakes, firstly I just wanted to try them out, sounds pretty good doesn’t it, ok and I saw green tea powder at the store, bought it and then realized I had to eventually do something with it. 2. The colour is gorgeous!!

The end of school is nearing and i’m graduating. I wish I had a plan, i wish i could go to bake school and bake for a living. Open my own store and be a merry happy baker.


So the story behind the title is that no one is my family likes green tea in food either!! So Green Tea Cupcake anyone??

Till next time. xx