Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes with Condensed Milk Buttercream

(Edited after loved tasting feedback from loved ones)

Hello there! Let me begin my post with a little story…

So my boyfriend and I have recently fallen in love with Thai Iced Tea ice cream. Every time we take our first, second and third bite we would look at each other and nod in contentment. Hence, I decided to try a recipe of Thai Iced Tea cupcakes! All the recipes I researched on called for the actual tea leaves, which you can’t find in just any grocery store and I would therefore need to make a trip down to Golden Mile where I believe you can find all things Thai in Singapore. But of course I have been too lazy… and for months I never made it down. As luck would have it, one morning I randomly opened up the pantry cupboard and to my surprise saw a packet of Thai tea leaves sitting there. My younger sister who had just returned from Thailand bought a packet! (without knowing that I had this make cupcakes plan) So whoop!

I followed the recipe from here and halved everything as I only wanted 12 cupcakes and not 24. Now, condensed milk buttercream put me off from the beginning. Because for one I really do not like buttercream because fat, and two, my mother is against condensed milk because well, fat. But after reading reviews and the blog post it seemed like it would bring out the taste of the cake even more so I decided to throw all caution to the kitchen aid.

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If you’re not a complete triple sweet tooth, I suggest you stay away from this buttercream. It was way to sweet for me. That cake though…was a gem. Love love it.


Boyfriend: The frosting goes really well with the cake.

Sister: The frosting goes really well with the cake.

So maybe I was wrong after all!

Brewing the tea

Brewing the tea

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

Wrecking my brain for an alternate frosting to compliment these cupcakes, i’m thinking just a classic cream cheese would do. Please share if you have any ideas!



Daisy Kinda Sunday


I bought a 104 tip recently and was eager to try out petal frosting. Baked a couple of red velvet cupcakes and made some cream cheese frosting for the petals. Still needs a ton of practice but yay to daisy cupcakes!


Alright back to studying, final paper today! xx

Green Tea Cupcake Anybody?


I’ve been away a really long while and in this time i’ve done a little baking. I even baked my own birthday cake on my birthday, my friends and family thought that that was both weird and sad, but really to me it was another reason to bake! I’ve been experimenting abit and will eventually upload pictures of what i’ve been up to, but in the mean time here’s what I  baked a couple of days ago!

Green tea cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Ok honestly, i am NOT a fan or green tea in food, green tea drinks, ok fill me up, but green tea in food? I’ll pass. So why bake green tea cupcakes, firstly I just wanted to try them out, sounds pretty good doesn’t it, ok and I saw green tea powder at the store, bought it and then realized I had to eventually do something with it. 2. The colour is gorgeous!!

The end of school is nearing and i’m graduating. I wish I had a plan, i wish i could go to bake school and bake for a living. Open my own store and be a merry happy baker.


So the story behind the title is that no one is my family likes green tea in food either!! So Green Tea Cupcake anyone??

Till next time. xx

Maybe Next Time

So this didn’t work out too well for me, my frosting was either too soft or i didn’t have the patience for it but my side roses just would not hold and so i left it top done and sides looking…… sad and naked. I’ll probably try it again, on a happy “today is going to be a great day” kind of day which I do not see happening at least till Nightmare November is over and i am exam free.

Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting

Came home from school today super hungry but as usual there was nothing to eat at home, so i decided to do something about it and at the same time satisfy my Nutella craving and baked these sinful treats. I’m a sucker for Nutella, just look at the jar i bought, 20% more!! I looked through a couple of recipes online carefully reading the comments from readers. I love reading the comments, they are so useful! Also, the cupcakes are supposedly called “Better Than Sex” Chocolate Cupcakes. I was like Whut!?

Oh Nutella you so fine


So i’m not sure if it’s because i was hungry or the recipe is just really that good but the cupcakes tasted divine! The cakes were so soft and light and just the right kind of chocolaty. Love love!

You can get the recipe for these cupcakes here! Her frosting looks so much better than mine 😦 Till next time xx

Recess Week!!

Recess week is here! Honestly the only thing exciting about recess week (for me) is Tioman from Sunday to Tuesday and the extra in between time for baking because other than that recess week is all about cramming for mid terms and finishing up assignments. Anyway, i kicked off my recess week baking red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The frosting could have done with less icing sugar really, i would have much rather a stronger cream cheese taste.

Sprinkled desiccated coconut over the cream cheese as well! The recipe i used said to use 3 tablespoons of red food coloring but i went with 2 instead. Recipe here!  My feet are so tired, it’s time for bed. xx

Piping Buttercream Roses

These were so fun to make and i’m so happy that my mum, the teachers and parents loved them! Truly makes the hours mixing and baking and piping completely worth it! Used my favourite buttercream and cupcake recipe that you can find in multiple posts below. I’ve made these too many times to count and can never get sick of how they taste. Classic, simple and delightful. Hmm what should i try next, so many recipes so little time cash.

There’s No Such Thing As A Gruffalo!

40 Gruffalo cupcakes done and delivered. I have to say that the worst part about baking is the clean up! Life would be so much easier with a dishwasher. So only a couple of cupcakes look like the ones above and the rest were the same teddy bear like gruffalo cupcakes i mentioned in an earlier post. I started baking at 1030, my batter was perfect for 32 cupcakes. 32! Just 8 more to 40 and i had to sift and blend and mix again just for 8 more cupcakes. Halved the ingredients so there wouldn’t be too much extra cupcakes and only managed that after getting help from my boyfriend who is studying to be a math teacher (how perfect for my anti-math brain) with all the fractions. My sister needed the cupcakes by 1515 and i got it to her at 1530. Yes, my time management skills scream amateur and i will not deny that i am beyond exhausted.

Used a simple chocolate cupcake recipe and the cakes were really nice, moist and not too over the top chocolaty. The instructions tell you to fill 3/4 of your muffin cup with batter but don’t! My muffin cups are slightly smaller than normal but even so i’m sure somewhere near half should be perfect or you’ll get a chocolate cupcake eruption. Really love this chocolate frosting recipe too, so yummy. Hope the kids loved them!