Mars Bar Cake


I bought a new bake book recently and this is the first recipe i’ve tried from it. Technically it shouldn’t be called a cake but rather “Chocolaty Sticky Chewy Delights That Will Make You Very Happy” but i guess that name was just too long, or maybe “Mars v2.0”. ¬†Doesn’t involve any bake time but just note that cutting up the cake after it sets can be tricky because it is just so sticky! I made them at night so I left them in the fridge after they set and they tasted even better in the morning! I had 5 pieces in one day and felt more satisfied rather than guilty. They also passed the boyfriend test which is big.

Recipe is from The Primrose Bakery. Beautiful book and I am so excited to try out more recipes! My sister and I were flipping through the book the other day and we came across this recipe and when I saw “Mars Bar Cake” I literally screamed, which then resulted in 5minutes of uncontrollable laughter. So judging by how excited I was about this recipe, I was extra happy they turned out yummy and on top of that they were so easy to make!