Owen’s 2nd Birthday


My best friend’s son turned 2 in April and with the help of my sister and cousin we put together a race car themed birthday for him! We pretty much made everything ourselves except the croissants and mini hot dog buns that were bought from two different bakeries, oh and the cake was ordered as well but we added the car on top of it. It was really fun and tiring running around, planning and budgeting but that’s how events go the reward is when everything looks pretty and perfect, and more so when people love it! It wasn’t without setbacks though, like having a mirror as a background, and some cake woes, but we were still happy with how everything turned out!

owenfull photo 1-8 photo 2-5

Slaved over these cupcake toppers and labels I designed from scratch took a couple of hours to finish it but was so pleased with how they turned out especially since I had no fancy software just good ol’ fashioned powerpoint. Also baked the red velvet and chocolate cupcakes you see above!

Owen's Bday 2014 part 1

IMG_5576 IMG_5574 IMG_5572 IMG_5549

My aunt helped make traffic light coloured jellies that are so perfect, also featuring my label. My parents were such troopers as well. My mum stayed up hand stitching the edges of the tablecloth and my dad was our logistics guy transporting us and our stuff even with his bad leg. So much love.



Instead of filling goodie bags with candies we prepared bags of 5 toy race cars each for kids to take home. Also, pretty blurry picture but that’s a podium my sister and cousin made from cardboard and paper to add some levels at the same time match the theme.



Hope we have another birthday to plan soon! xx