B’s Bridal Shower

My sister got married last October, yes it has been awhile, but do give me a chance, i’m trying to catch up! So as Maid of Honour, duties include and are not limited to… planning the Bridal Shower! My sister had already had a hen’s night out of partying planned by her friends so this was a Sunday afternoon, pretty in pink affair.

The colour themes we settled on were pastels of yellow, pink and creme. Our backdrops were made of paper fans we folded by hand for hours, but the overall outcome was worth every bruised finger.


Wonders of PowerPoint when you have no idea how to use, or do not own design software. With PowerPoint, and the overlapping of shapes and images, we created trivia games for the bride, and food labels. We also made the baby’s breath crown that sits on a beautiful 6 tier red velvet cake from Cake Spade.

Here’s the breakdown of where all the yummy desserts are from:

  • Cake – Cake Spade
  • Cupcakes – Kreme Couture
  • Scones – The Tea Party (Best scones in Singapore in my opinion, with the most delicious berry cream cheese spread)
  • Strawberry Strudel – Ritz Apple Strudel
  • Ribena Soda – Made by us!
Close up of the beautiful cake and the flower crown topper

Close up of the beautiful cake and the flower crown topper

What’s a Bridal Shower without some Games about the Bride!

IMG_6359 IMG_6351 IMG_6350

Here are the Games we played:

  • Who knows the Bride – here we asked a bunch of questions about the bride to see how well the party goers believed that knew her.
  • How well do you know the Bride & Groom – here we asked questions about the beautiful relationship between the two.
  • Share a memory of the Bride – at a party filled with family, friends and so much love, memories go way back and it’s so much fun to unravel.

A little something to thank everyone for coming 

Nail Polises from Cotton On and Ribbons we tied on ourselves

Nail Polishes from Cotton On and Ribbons we tied on ourselves

This was so much fun to do and I can’t wait to plan another with the best girls. Someone get married please. xx


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