Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes with Condensed Milk Buttercream

(Edited after loved tasting feedback from loved ones)

Hello there! Let me begin my post with a little story…

So my boyfriend and I have recently fallen in love with Thai Iced Tea ice cream. Every time we take our first, second and third bite we would look at each other and nod in contentment. Hence, I decided to try a recipe of Thai Iced Tea cupcakes! All the recipes I researched on called for the actual tea leaves, which you can’t find in just any grocery store and I would therefore need to make a trip down to Golden Mile where I believe you can find all things Thai in Singapore. But of course I have been too lazy… and for months I never made it down. As luck would have it, one morning I randomly opened up the pantry cupboard and to my surprise saw a packet of Thai tea leaves sitting there. My younger sister who had just returned from Thailand bought a packet! (without knowing that I had this make cupcakes plan) So whoop!

I followed the recipe from here and halved everything as I only wanted 12 cupcakes and not 24. Now, condensed milk buttercream put me off from the beginning. Because for one I really do not like buttercream because fat, and two, my mother is against condensed milk because well, fat. But after reading reviews and the blog post it seemed like it would bring out the taste of the cake even more so I decided to throw all caution to the kitchen aid.

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If you’re not a complete triple sweet tooth, I suggest you stay away from this buttercream. It was way to sweet for me. That cake though…was a gem. Love love it.


Boyfriend: The frosting goes really well with the cake.

Sister: The frosting goes really well with the cake.

So maybe I was wrong after all!

Brewing the tea

Brewing the tea

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

Wrecking my brain for an alternate frosting to compliment these cupcakes, i’m thinking just a classic cream cheese would do. Please share if you have any ideas!



B’s Bridal Shower

My sister got married last October, yes it has been awhile, but do give me a chance, i’m trying to catch up! So as Maid of Honour, duties include and are not limited to… planning the Bridal Shower! My sister had already had a hen’s night out of partying planned by her friends so this was a Sunday afternoon, pretty in pink affair.

The colour themes we settled on were pastels of yellow, pink and creme. Our backdrops were made of paper fans we folded by hand for hours, but the overall outcome was worth every bruised finger.


Wonders of PowerPoint when you have no idea how to use, or do not own design software. With PowerPoint, and the overlapping of shapes and images, we created trivia games for the bride, and food labels. We also made the baby’s breath crown that sits on a beautiful 6 tier red velvet cake from Cake Spade.

Here’s the breakdown of where all the yummy desserts are from:

  • Cake – Cake Spade
  • Cupcakes – Kreme Couture
  • Scones – The Tea Party (Best scones in Singapore in my opinion, with the most delicious berry cream cheese spread)
  • Strawberry Strudel – Ritz Apple Strudel
  • Ribena Soda – Made by us!
Close up of the beautiful cake and the flower crown topper

Close up of the beautiful cake and the flower crown topper

What’s a Bridal Shower without some Games about the Bride!

IMG_6359 IMG_6351 IMG_6350

Here are the Games we played:

  • Who knows the Bride – here we asked a bunch of questions about the bride to see how well the party goers believed that knew her.
  • How well do you know the Bride & Groom – here we asked questions about the beautiful relationship between the two.
  • Share a memory of the Bride – at a party filled with family, friends and so much love, memories go way back and it’s so much fun to unravel.

A little something to thank everyone for comingĀ 

Nail Polises from Cotton On and Ribbons we tied on ourselves

Nail Polishes from Cotton On and Ribbons we tied on ourselves

This was so much fun to do and I can’t wait to plan another with the best girls. Someone get married please. xx

Hello Again.

It’s crazy how time flies. My last post was a whole year ago! It was also around the time work started, it truly does suck the life right out of you doesn’t it. And how fitting that i’m writing this post on my 10th day of unemployment. My kitchen aid was terribly neglected over the past few months when work was picking up, and now that it’s done I got it whipping and creaming and mixing again. It’s so therapeutic. Baked something really simple for my first day back in the kitchen after a hiatus. Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Loaves with a Vanilla Glaze. My mum was jumping up and down when she realized I had baked, because me baking = a constant supply of midnight snacks for her. She gobbled down a loaf as soon as it was glazed up and ready to serve.

I used a recipe from the Primrose bakery book I bought a while back. I’m so in love with that book and their trusty recipes. I got the glaze recipe online that asked to mix 1 cup of icing sugar, 2 cups of milk and 1/4 tsp of vanilla. I had to add at least 1 1/4 more milk to make it less thick and more “flowy”.

See you soon! Hopefully not another year later xx