I haven’t been here in a really long while. Spent two amazing months in California, and despite having a kitchen in my apartment, I did no baking. Shame on me. Now my weekdays are spent in an office for a 5 month long internship and my weekends will be spent mostly packing up my place because i’m moving. Bake days are rare but much much more appreciated.

I was determined to set aside last weekend to bake, but on Saturday I was ambushed by new developments that threatened to destroy these plans. What I did? I baked around them and inbetween them. I was that desperate for some bake time.

It was Victoria Sponge Cake day! I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Though, I did put too much cream in the middle and it oozed out the sides… but other than that it was a royal┬áhit.



Now to find the time to try out my Giant Cupcake Pan. *yikes!