Strawberry Smoothie


Wednesday was a good day. After class I drove down to the track, changed into my workout clothes, plugged in my “After School Workout” playlist and I ran. Despite my heart rate reaching well above my maximum (220 – your age), I felt amazing. I felt this surge of energy that I had lost for days, almost as if I lost the weight of everything that had been dragging me down. So that night I went home happy, I made myself a wrap for dinner with melted cheese, chicken, cucumbers, and chilli and then I made a strawberry smoothie, and I was content.

I just love spending time in the kitchen. Like I answered in my Level 1 Spanish Assignment

¿Cual es tu lugar favorito de la casa? ¿Por que?

Mi lugar favorito de le casa es la cocina porque me gusta comer.


What is your favourite place in the house? Why?

My favourite place in the house is the kitchen because I like to eat.


Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies

For some bizarre reason, the internet works everywhere in my house except for my room. Maybe it’s the universe telling me I need to spend less time on the internet or I am right about technology hating me. So I packed up my wires, my books and my laptop and I made my way downstairs to find my dad watching TV in the living room, and when he watches TV he makes full use of the surround system and so then I ended up in the kitchen. Quiet and alone, perfect for completing assignments (you would think) I lasted for about 45 minutes and then I succumbed to this


I had cinnamon on my mind.
“What would go with cinnamon and is easy to make?”
“Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies!! Mmmm sounds yummy…wonder if i can find a recipe for it online.”
I cannot emphasize enough how amazing it is that you can think of a recipe, nearly anything at all, search for it on google and get multiple results! Oh internet you wonderful portal of discoveries.. scary.. but wonderful.
Back to the cookies.
The cinnamon wasn’t in the cookie itself but rather coated around the cookie along with sugar. The cookies were really soft and crumbly and I loved the pretty cracks in them. I’ve been baking cookies a lot recently, they make such good company.