Heart-Shaped Jam Cookies

jh5 JH1 Jh4 Jh3 JH2

So these cookies were supposed to be my Valentines Day plan, put them in pretty jars and give them as gifts to my family and friends but when my jar quest failed so did my cookie plan. Baked them today because i’ve been feeling slightly overwhelmed and baking keeps me sane and it is also healthier than retail therapy. My mum is a hardcore cookie fan so she was extremely excited about these to the point of saying “I love you” before every bite. I know some hearts look weird and out of shape but hey, no heart is perfect right?

Sister: How did you make them?

Me: Cut out a small heart on one cookie, spread jam on the one without the cut-out heart and then sandwich them together!

Sister: Oh that’s it? *Unimpressed*

These cookies are such pretty  and simple treats that will make anyones day. They definitely made mine.


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