Chocolate Cupcakes with Nutella Frosting

Came home from school today super hungry but as usual there was nothing to eat at home, so i decided to do something about it and at the same time satisfy my Nutella craving and baked these sinful treats. I’m a sucker for Nutella, just look at the jar i bought, 20% more!! I looked through a couple of recipes online carefully reading the comments from readers. I love reading the comments, they are so useful! Also, the cupcakes are supposedly called “Better Than Sex” Chocolate Cupcakes. I was like Whut!?

Oh Nutella you so fine


So i’m not sure if it’s because i was hungry or the recipe is just really that good but the cupcakes tasted divine! The cakes were so soft and light and just the right kind of chocolaty. Love love!

You can get the recipe for these cupcakes here! Her frosting looks so much better than mine 😦 Till next time xx


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