Recess Week!!

Recess week is here! Honestly the only thing exciting about recess week (for me) is Tioman from Sunday to Tuesday and the extra in between time for baking because other than that recess week is all about cramming for mid terms and finishing up assignments. Anyway, i kicked off my recess week baking red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The frosting could have done with less icing sugar really, i would have much rather a stronger cream cheese taste.

Sprinkled desiccated coconut over the cream cheese as well! The recipe i used said to use 3 tablespoons of red food coloring but i went with 2 instead. Recipe here!  My feet are so tired, it’s time for bed. xx


Lazy Daisy

This blog has been update-less for too long now. Finding it so hard to squeeze in bake time with school and work. So all i have to show after this long hiatus is a cake i bought from awfully chocolate (where i’m working) and the piping i did myself. Perks of working at awfully chocolate, you get to pipe your own cake! So my little sister is really in to those cute mustache things so there was no doubt as to what was going to be on the cake. My initial plan was to bake red velvet cupcakes + cream cheese frosting topped off with cute fondant black mustache’s, and then the laziness kicked in. I still have all the ingredients so i’ll probably try them anyway, SOON. You don’t need an occasion for cute cupcakes xx