There’s No Such Thing As A Gruffalo!

40 Gruffalo cupcakes done and delivered. I have to say that the worst part about baking is the clean up! Life would be so much easier with a dishwasher. So only a couple of cupcakes look like the ones above and the rest were the same teddy bear like gruffalo cupcakes i mentioned in an earlier post. I started baking at 1030, my batter was perfect for 32 cupcakes. 32! Just 8 more to 40 and i had to sift and blend and mix again just for 8 more cupcakes. Halved the ingredients so there wouldn’t be too much extra cupcakes and only managed that after getting help from my boyfriend who is studying to be a math teacher (how perfect for my anti-math brain) with all the fractions. My sister needed the cupcakes by 1515 and i got it to her at 1530. Yes, my time management skills scream amateur and i will not deny that i am beyond exhausted.

Used a simple chocolate cupcake recipe and the cakes were really nice, moist and not too over the top chocolaty. The instructions tell you to fill 3/4 of your muffin cup with batter but don’t! My muffin cups are slightly smaller than normal but even so i’m sure somewhere near half should be perfect or you’ll get a chocolate cupcake eruption. Really love this chocolate frosting recipe too, so yummy. Hope the kids loved them!


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