Yellow Cupcakes & Strawberry Frosting

Baked yellow vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting for the supposed to be picnic that ended up being a get together at Sophie’s place. Was extremely nervous about the frosting melting off the cupcakes before even getting there but thankfully they made it. The frosting was really tricky, probably designed for perfect spring weather and not the awful hot and humid weather we have going on here so i had to refrigerate them for abit to let the frosting stay and then hold them in front of the a/c in the car.

Yellow Cupcakes are my favourite cupcakes to bake because they are so easy to make and are so yummy!  The recipe is Martha Stewart’s Yellow Cupcakes Recipe . Sometimes i use buttermilk instead of just milk as i so strongly believe buttermilk  just makes everything taste better!  I really want to try hidden ♥ cupcakes soon, wish me luck!


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