Wildflowers and Berries

I’m not a super baker and i still make a hell load of mistakes, but despite that baking still helps me take my mind off things and keeps me calm when everything else around me is close to insane. I’ve been wanting to start a blog of the simple things i bake but could never come up with a name (it’s always the hardest part). So anyway, last night i had a dream that i was giving out samples of cakes i baked, wildflowers and blueberry. Since the other names i wanted were all already taken up, i keyed this one in and got it! So wildflowers and berries it is.

Yesterday i worked on Gruffalo cupcakes for my sisters speech and drama class. They didn’t turn out exactly the way i wanted them to and i felt like the gruffalos looked more like teddy bears. The kids loved them however, you’ve got to love kids. They picked out things like the green dot on a brown m&m as the wart on its nose and on a few cupcakes with only green mini m&ms they exclaimed “This one has more than one wart!” I have to bake 40 more gruffalo cupcakes for Friday, hopefully they’ll look better and i’ll snap some pictures of them. X


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