Two of my favourites to make the perfect cake

Cake Cake Cake. I’m really bad at frosting pretty cakes, I really do need to take a class for that. So for me covering up a cake with messy frosting underneath with perfectly aligned and distributed chocolates sound pretty great!

I often say that this is sort of like the ideal cake for my boyfriend and I to celebrate our birthdays that are exactly as week apart from each other. He loves Kit Kat and would choose m&ms as my froyo or ice-cream topping any day. Decided to give this cake a go for my younger sisters birthday to be the centre piece of the desert table at her birthday party. This was really fun to make and I would definitely make it again and again and again given the occasion.

The cake underneath is a chocolate cake and I used Nigella’s “Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake” recipe for it.

Find the recipe for the cake here. Simple and yummy.



Thai Iced Tea Cupcakes with Condensed Milk Buttercream

(Edited after loved tasting feedback from loved ones)

Hello there! Let me begin my post with a little story…

So my boyfriend and I have recently fallen in love with Thai Iced Tea ice cream. Every time we take our first, second and third bite we would look at each other and nod in contentment. Hence, I decided to try a recipe of Thai Iced Tea cupcakes! All the recipes I researched on called for the actual tea leaves, which you can’t find in just any grocery store and I would therefore need to make a trip down to Golden Mile where I believe you can find all things Thai in Singapore. But of course I have been too lazy… and for months I never made it down. As luck would have it, one morning I randomly opened up the pantry cupboard and to my surprise saw a packet of Thai tea leaves sitting there. My younger sister who had just returned from Thailand bought a packet! (without knowing that I had this make cupcakes plan) So whoop!

I followed the recipe from here and halved everything as I only wanted 12 cupcakes and not 24. Now, condensed milk buttercream put me off from the beginning. Because for one I really do not like buttercream because fat, and two, my mother is against condensed milk because well, fat. But after reading reviews and the blog post it seemed like it would bring out the taste of the cake even more so I decided to throw all caution to the kitchen aid.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you’re not a complete triple sweet tooth, I suggest you stay away from this buttercream. It was way to sweet for me. That cake though…was a gem. Love love it.


Boyfriend: The frosting goes really well with the cake.

Sister: The frosting goes really well with the cake.

So maybe I was wrong after all!

Brewing the tea

Brewing the tea

Fresh out of the oven

Fresh out of the oven

Wrecking my brain for an alternate frosting to compliment these cupcakes, i’m thinking just a classic cream cheese would do. Please share if you have any ideas!


B’s Bridal Shower

My sister got married last October, yes it has been awhile, but do give me a chance, i’m trying to catch up! So as Maid of Honour, duties include and are not limited to… planning the Bridal Shower! My sister had already had a hen’s night out of partying planned by her friends so this was a Sunday afternoon, pretty in pink affair.

The colour themes we settled on were pastels of yellow, pink and creme. Our backdrops were made of paper fans we folded by hand for hours, but the overall outcome was worth every bruised finger.


Wonders of PowerPoint when you have no idea how to use, or do not own design software. With PowerPoint, and the overlapping of shapes and images, we created trivia games for the bride, and food labels. We also made the baby’s breath crown that sits on a beautiful 6 tier red velvet cake from Cake Spade.

Here’s the breakdown of where all the yummy desserts are from:

  • Cake – Cake Spade
  • Cupcakes – Kreme Couture
  • Scones – The Tea Party (Best scones in Singapore in my opinion, with the most delicious berry cream cheese spread)
  • Strawberry Strudel – Ritz Apple Strudel
  • Ribena Soda – Made by us!
Close up of the beautiful cake and the flower crown topper

Close up of the beautiful cake and the flower crown topper

What’s a Bridal Shower without some Games about the Bride!

IMG_6359 IMG_6351 IMG_6350

Here are the Games we played:

  • Who knows the Bride – here we asked a bunch of questions about the bride to see how well the party goers believed that knew her.
  • How well do you know the Bride & Groom – here we asked questions about the beautiful relationship between the two.
  • Share a memory of the Bride – at a party filled with family, friends and so much love, memories go way back and it’s so much fun to unravel.

A little something to thank everyone for coming 

Nail Polises from Cotton On and Ribbons we tied on ourselves

Nail Polishes from Cotton On and Ribbons we tied on ourselves

This was so much fun to do and I can’t wait to plan another with the best girls. Someone get married please. xx

Hello Again.

It’s crazy how time flies. My last post was a whole year ago! It was also around the time work started, it truly does suck the life right out of you doesn’t it. And how fitting that i’m writing this post on my 10th day of unemployment. My kitchen aid was terribly neglected over the past few months when work was picking up, and now that it’s done I got it whipping and creaming and mixing again. It’s so therapeutic. Baked something really simple for my first day back in the kitchen after a hiatus. Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Loaves with a Vanilla Glaze. My mum was jumping up and down when she realized I had baked, because me baking = a constant supply of midnight snacks for her. She gobbled down a loaf as soon as it was glazed up and ready to serve.

I used a recipe from the Primrose bakery book I bought a while back. I’m so in love with that book and their trusty recipes. I got the glaze recipe online that asked to mix 1 cup of icing sugar, 2 cups of milk and 1/4 tsp of vanilla. I had to add at least 1 1/4 more milk to make it less thick and more “flowy”.

See you soon! Hopefully not another year later xx




Nutella Strawberry Tart

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Who doesn’t LOVE Nutella!?

This was my first attempt at making a tart, crust and all, the works. I’m really happy with how it turned out. The texture of the Nutella filling was sort of pudding like but was still delicious anyway. In my opinion, it was even tastier after it set for a day! Recipe here.



Daisy Kinda Sunday


I bought a 104 tip recently and was eager to try out petal frosting. Baked a couple of red velvet cupcakes and made some cream cheese frosting for the petals. Still needs a ton of practice but yay to daisy cupcakes!


Alright back to studying, final paper today! xx

Owen’s 2nd Birthday


My best friend’s son turned 2 in April and with the help of my sister and cousin we put together a race car themed birthday for him! We pretty much made everything ourselves except the croissants and mini hot dog buns that were bought from two different bakeries, oh and the cake was ordered as well but we added the car on top of it. It was really fun and tiring running around, planning and budgeting but that’s how events go the reward is when everything looks pretty and perfect, and more so when people love it! It wasn’t without setbacks though, like having a mirror as a background, and some cake woes, but we were still happy with how everything turned out!

owenfull photo 1-8 photo 2-5

Slaved over these cupcake toppers and labels I designed from scratch took a couple of hours to finish it but was so pleased with how they turned out especially since I had no fancy software just good ol’ fashioned powerpoint. Also baked the red velvet and chocolate cupcakes you see above!

Owen's Bday 2014 part 1

IMG_5576 IMG_5574 IMG_5572 IMG_5549

My aunt helped make traffic light coloured jellies that are so perfect, also featuring my label. My parents were such troopers as well. My mum stayed up hand stitching the edges of the tablecloth and my dad was our logistics guy transporting us and our stuff even with his bad leg. So much love.



Instead of filling goodie bags with candies we prepared bags of 5 toy race cars each for kids to take home. Also, pretty blurry picture but that’s a podium my sister and cousin made from cardboard and paper to add some levels at the same time match the theme.



Hope we have another birthday to plan soon! xx

Oreo Week!

Screen shot 2014-03-19 at PM 11.09.59

It all started with me wanting to bake an Oreo Cheesecake for my boyfriend on his birthday, so I baked the cake, and it turned out that I overestimated the number of Oreos I needed. Maybe overestimated is an understatement. So instead of having the Oreos by themselves I decided to have Oreo Week, using Oreos in desserts till I ran out of them.

1. Oreo Cheesecake

photo 2-4

This was the Oreo Cheesecake I baked for my sweet. He loved it and so did his family! I was thrilled. I’ve never baked an actual cheesecake before. The last time I made him a cheesecake was 2 years ago when I did a jelly hearts cake, a no bake kind of cheesecake. It didn’t turn out so yummy so I really needed him to love this one. Redemption was mine! I used a simple philadelphia recipe but scanned through a ton of comments and most of them said that they added sour cream so I decided to add in a little in as well. Was so happy with the result, although it did end up having a lot of big cracks once I took it out of the oven, so I tried to cover them up by filling the cracks with chopped Oreos.

2. Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes

photo 1-7

I came across this recipe whilst searching for the best Oreo Cheesecake recipe, so I decided to save some batter from the cake to make these cute little things. Was so happy with how they turned out! A smaller and lighter alternative for someone who doesn’t want a whole slice of cake.

3. Deep Fried Oreos

photo 3-3

Now this i’ve been craving ever since I left Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk that one beautiful summers day. I’ve had deep fried mars bars before, but deep fried ores…. MMMMMM!! I can’t even!! America is too far away, so I had to bring the deep fried Oreos to me! The batter is really simple to make, just be careful not to burn yourself when you’re frying them. Was happy I could share this wonderful experience with my family, and I made their Sunday.

Recipe here

4. Oreo Brownies

photo 4-1

I just had to! Yummy chocolate brownies, check. Yummy chocolate brownies with Oreo Cookies, double check! I really loved these brownies. I’ve been making brownies alot recently, M&M brownies, Nutella Fudge brownies, but these are my favourite. Next time i’ll make them chunkier.

Recipe here

So that concludes Oreo Week. Honestly Oreos are so yummy and there’s so much that can be done with them! I’m definitely having another Oreo Week. You should too 🙂 xx

Green Tea Cupcake Anybody?


I’ve been away a really long while and in this time i’ve done a little baking. I even baked my own birthday cake on my birthday, my friends and family thought that that was both weird and sad, but really to me it was another reason to bake! I’ve been experimenting abit and will eventually upload pictures of what i’ve been up to, but in the mean time here’s what I  baked a couple of days ago!

Green tea cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Ok honestly, i am NOT a fan or green tea in food, green tea drinks, ok fill me up, but green tea in food? I’ll pass. So why bake green tea cupcakes, firstly I just wanted to try them out, sounds pretty good doesn’t it, ok and I saw green tea powder at the store, bought it and then realized I had to eventually do something with it. 2. The colour is gorgeous!!

The end of school is nearing and i’m graduating. I wish I had a plan, i wish i could go to bake school and bake for a living. Open my own store and be a merry happy baker.


So the story behind the title is that no one is my family likes green tea in food either!! So Green Tea Cupcake anyone??

Till next time. xx

Banana + Nutella


Time has been so hard to come by lately, I have had to put so many things aside. Friends, bake time, me time. Well most of the time me time is bake time so the two really go together. I can’t wait to end my internship only because working 9 hours a day and then having to come home to school work after is not only exhausting but a whole load of depressing as well.

Moving on to the cake above –

A friend posted a picture of a Banana Nutella Loaf on instagram recently and I just had to try it. I used Nigella’s Banana Loaf recipe and added in  some Nutella on the top. Having a piece warm out of the oven was enough to make the load I was dragging behind me from the weeks past disappear.

The top was  a little overcooked and more brown than I wanted, but once I bit down to the middle I was glad and a little relieved. Can’t wait for the mother to get home so that she can try a piece.

I’m out. Have a great week ahead everyone! xx